Tokyo Sky Tree

Highest Tower in Down Town

The Tokyo Sky Tree tower stand by the Sumida River, which represents the landscape of the Edo period. It was built using the latest technology based on the traditional Japanese sense of beauty. It looks as if a water system connected from Kitatsuma River intertwines. If you look at the Skytree from the outside, you can enjoy the landscape which is not seen in other areas.

Construction started in July 2008 and completed in February 2012. It took about 3 and a half years to complete. Skytree is 634 meters tall, has a total cost of 65 billion yen.

Structure of the tower

Japan is a very disaster-prone place. There are many earthquakes in particular, and once a big earthquake occurs, the damage to buildings is big. This tower is designed to be fully resistant to earthquakes, wind and fire. One of the purposes is to serve as the information infrastructure of the radio tower in times of disaster as well as in normal times.

A technology called knuckle wall is used for the foundation. The knuckle wall has a characteristic like a spike in the shape of a rough and concave foundation column in the foundation part. In other words, a big tree is firmly rooted deep in the ground. Thanks to this knuckle wall, it’s hard to come off by the wind and the shake of the earthquake.

The technique and skill used against the earthquakes for this tower is the “central pillar” technology that has been used in Japan for many years in the construction of the five-storied pagoda. Michio Keii (62) designed the structure of Tokyo Sky Tree. “As a result of the rational pursuit of modern knowledge, it became the same shape as traditional architecture.”. He says so about the tower’s earthquake countermeasures. His quest for earthquake resistance led to the installation of a “Central pillar (Shinbashira)” at the center of the tower as a vibration control device.

Historically, there have been few records of the collapse of three-storied and five-storied pagodas, both of which have central pillars. The central pillar of Skytree is made of reinforced concrete and has a diameter of eight meters and a height of 375 meters.

It is a huge cylinder running through the center of the tower from the base to the roof of the first observatory. It weighs as much as 11000 tons. When an earthquake occurs, it shakes apart from the surrounding steel frame. By counteracting each other’s movements, the entire tower shakes less.

About the tower

This tower has observation facilities, Tokyo Sky Tree Tembo Deck, Tokyo Sky Tree Tembo Galleria, broadcasting facilities, etc.

You can take the elevator up to the top 450 m floor. The observation deck is an open space with a 360 degree view of Tokyo.

Tokyo Sky Tree observation deck is divided into 3 layers, and you can enjoy an open view of 360 degrees. From the observation deck, go higher towards “Tembo Galleria” to reach the highest point “Floor 450”. It is 450 meters from the ground.

If it’s sunny, you can see Mt. Fuji in the distance and ships sailing in Tokyo Bay. After enjoying the superb view, there are cafes and souvenir shops in the observation space.

“Soramachi” shopping moll

Tokyo Solamachi is a shopping mall adjacent to Tokyo Sky Tree. Inside the building, there are many items limited to Tokyo Sky Tree, Sorakara-chan goods of the official character, souvenirs unique to Tokyo, limited sweets, etc.There are famous shops in Tokyo, famous shops all over Japan, and sweets you want to eat at least once in Tokyo Solamachi.

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Tower height : 634m
One side of the foot : about 68 meters long.
Weight: approx. 36,000 tons (Total Tower Steel Weight) including the observation deck
Capacity: Approximately 2,000 people on Tokyo Sky Tree observation deck
Tokyo Skytree Tembo Galleria approximately 900 people
Elevator: 4 Tokyo Sky Tree observation decks from the ground (600 meters per minute, about 50 seconds)
From Tokyo Skytree Tembo Deck to Tokyo Skytree Tembo Galleria: 2 (240 meters per minute, about 30 seconds)

Address: 1 131, Oshiage 1 chome, Sumida-ku, Tokyo -2 0045
Access: 3 minutes walk from Oshiage Station on each line.
(2)1 minute walk from Tokyo Sky Tree Station (Tobu Skytree Line)