Shinjuku Station of Labyrinth

Once you enter Shinjuku Station, you will feel like you are in a labyrinth.
Shinjuku Station has the most users in the world and is very complicated and it’s easy to get lost.
If you make a mistake in the ticket gate to come out, you will not be able to reach the target location, and you will walk a few kilometers underground.

There are more than 30 exits such as West Exit, East Exit, South Exit, Central West Exit, Central East Exit, New South Exit, South East Exit, LUMINE Exit, Southern Terrace Exit, Keio Exit, Plaza Exit.
To make matters worse, there are plans to make Shinjuku station even larger.

The guide map is useless at Shinjuku Station

If you search “Shinjuku station simple map” on Google, you can get the above map.
If you can see this and understand the composition of Shinjuku Station, you have a lot of space recognition ability.
Moreover, this is part of the station and the station is intricately intertwined with buildings and department stores.

Incomprehensible Sign

There are many colorful signs at Shinjuku Station, but These are too informative to be understood.

If you don’t check the exits you should leave in advance, you will go to a completely different place.

Shinjuku Pictogram

Not to be get lost

Make it clear which exit you should come out.

Make it clear which exit you should come out.

When you get off the train, don’t get in the way of people and stop at a place where you won’t get in the way.

JR platforms are all on the first floor.

JR platforms are all on the first floor.

The exit name is west: 1st basement

The exit name includes east: 1st basement

The exit name includes south: 2nd floor

See the yellow signs

The yellow sign indicates the direction of the exit, so you can reach the exit by walking along it.

ask the station staff.

If you do not understand, ask the station staff.
Recently, station staff often respond in English.