Manga about Tennis

Ame for the Ace

The main character, Hiromi Oka, is a regular high school student of Nishi High School, which has a strong tennes team. Inspired by Reika Tatsuzaki and Takayuki Todo, who are so strong tennis players. She decide to join the club. Hiromi joined the club hoping to have a fun of just gripping a racket, but his new coach, Jin Munakata, will discover her tennis talent.
she learns many things from the strict coach Munekata, her longing for Tatsuzaki, and her love for Todo, and grows up to be a player representing Japan. After that, she experienced hardships such as the death of his coach Munekata and the hardship of the professional, and this manga portrays Hiromi growing deeper as a human being. You can also enjoy ” Ace wo Nerae” with DVDs.

The Prince of Tennis

The main point of ‘The Prince of Tennis’ which was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump in 1999, is its unimaginable development of the story. In the first half, unique rivalries appear, and new techniques appear one after another to overcome the rivalries. However, in the latter half of the story, there will be impossible settings and techniques.

It is said that a famous tennis player Kei Nishikori used to read it, and there are many tennis players who started to play tennis inspired by this manga. These series are enjoyable by DVDs as well.

Baby Step

Eiichiro Maruo, who is meticulously diligent and has always been called an all-A high school student “A-CHAN.”, has taken the opportunity of meeting the heroine, Natsu Takasaki, who is aiming to become a professional tennis player.He plunges into the world of tennis where he had never played before, and he is growing up to be a professional tennis player. This tennis manga are quite realistic, and the fun of the sport of tennis is strategically and intelligently depicted. Recommended for tennis lovers! There are DVDs, too!

Break Back

KASA, the author of ‘BREAKBACK’ is a professional tennis player. He used to be a member of the academy of Guillermo Korea, the third largest in the world. As it is still early stage, honestly speaking, it is not so excited so far.It is in the stage of introducing characters and laying the foundation for the whole story. Each character has strong personality. And the tennis scene is dipicted very well. IYou can look forward to the story from now on. Don’t you think this player looks like “Taro” ,one of the most strongest professional tennis player?

Former world No. 7 female tennis player Saki Kamijo collapsed due to injury and was burdened with a debt of 100 million yen. She had to become a coach for a a weak tennis club of high school.The main character, Saki is genius as a player but player the most unsuitable for a coach. For some reason, I have to aim for the national tournament as a coach.

Go madly

It has been serialized for about 11 years. In a girls’ comic books territory, relatively small number of volumes is common but this one was published 32 volumes in total (Completed)
The content is “Hot tennis comics” like a boy’s comic and You will be very excited. But there are elements of girl’s comic as well. For example, it includes romantic essence.