5 Mangas about Western History

Vinlad Saga

The romance of men acting all over the world

This manga depicts the life style of the strongest ethnic and vikings who have repeatedly been looted in the world in the late 11th century Northern Europe.
The main character is a boy from Iceland, Thorfinn.
The father was killed by Viking’s chief, Askeladd, and he belongs to the Askeladd Corps who is a bribe for revenge.

The attraction of this work is to focus on the lives of the supporting members like a group drama, while taking Thorfinn as the center of the story.
In particular, Askeladd, which is also the foot of Thorfinn, is attractive as a second protagonist.
You will notice his deep charm as the story progresses while being brutal and humble.
The vikings, who are usually drawn only as villains, are drawn according to their values, so it is very different from the story of good and evil.

ad astra

The magnificent life of Hannibal

This manga is the story of the second Punic war, centering on the confrontation between Carthage’s master Hannibal Barca and Roman soldier Scipio Africanus.
At the end of the third century BC, Hannibal, who had driven Rome to near death by a monstrous genius, and Scipio, who reversed the desperate battle station and saved his country from crisis.

From the end of the first Punic war and the birth of two heroes, the battle of Cannae, the battle of the two, to the end of the two is depicted.
The story is generally true to history, but unique arrangements can be seen in the modeling of the characters.
The title “Ad Astra” is taken from the Roman maxim of Latin “per aspera ad astra” (overcoming difficulties and gaining glory). It represents the growing story of the Romans who overcome the tremendous difficulties of Hannibal and gain glory.


A historical masterpiece depicting the ancient Orient

On the stage of the ancient Greek world of the 4th century BC, it depicts the life of the upset of Eumenes, a clerk who served as Alexander the Great in the Kingdom of Macedonia.
Eumenes is a real person who appears in “The Heroes of Plutorus”.

Cardia, located in northeast Greece in 343 BC, was under siege of the Macedonian army.
Although it seemed that there was no chance of getting into the city surrounded by heavy army, the youth Eumenes skillfully used the tongue to pass through the formations and reach the castle gate.
Also, an eye-catching merchant Antigonos, who was also trying to enter the city, admires Eumenes’s critique and invites him to work under him.
But Antigonos is not really a merchant and …


Empress the French Revolutionary Executioner

This is a historical manga depicting the bizarre destiny of the “Executive” clan who lived in the French Revolution.
In this work, the real executioner Charles-Henri Sanson, who led the beheading of King Louis XVI, is the main character.

It is characterized by realistic depictions of episodes such as “exercise”, “torture”, and “dissection”, and an attractive metaphorical expression that portrays human psychology.

The stage is the 18th century Paris, the age of the identification system with the king at the top. The protagonist Charles-Henri Sanson is born as the fourth son of the Sanson family, who has been the executioner of Paris for generations.
The executioner is not only a “justice guard” appointed directly by the King, but at the same time giving back to society the skills and knowledge acquired in the execution for execution, but sometimes the impression of severe punishment It was a tough job with “contradiction,” in which people would be deceived as a “grim of death” from the world. Charles is struggling to carry on his job, feared as “Mush de Paris.” However, in an effort to “cancel the death penalty someday,” he vowed to serve as a executioner.

Hawk Wood

The mercenaries in the age of 100 years war

In the 14th century, a century of war between England and France was about to begin. Those hired with money and making the fight alive-mercenaries were active in various battlefields. The young mercenary commander John Hawkwood, who leads a small mercenary team called “The Hakurei Corps,” gets caught up in the great battle of the Hundred-year War on the occasion of an encounter with a prince.

“Hawkwood” is a manga based on John Hawkwood, a mercenary that has existed in medieval Europe.
The stage is the first half of the Centennial War. It is a story up to the Battle of Crescy who suffered a great loss despite France being superior in numbers.
Hawkwood is a mercenary, so we are fighting as a French side or as an English side, and there is not a lot of enemy-friendly expressions like a common manga.
In fact, not only mercenaries, but in France and England, there is often the impression that the lords are often confused by enemy battles in this era.