Manga of the Soccer

Captain Tsubasa


A boy brought up being friend with a soccer ball, Tsubasa is now sixth grade. Tsubasa saw the genius GK Genzo and strongly thought, “I want to win!” and sent a challenge letter to the goalkeeper!!

Do you know how much impact this commics gave to the boys and girls who play soccer all over the world. One of the excellent soccer players said he affected by these comics.
There are spectacular acrobatic performances by the players and karate keepers running up the goalposts (It’s actually a foul.)

Also, isn’t the word “The ball is my friend.” maxim? 

The popularity of this manga never stops, and there are many sequels, and even now, more than 30 years after the start of the series, ‘Captain Tsubasa KIDS DREAM’ is serialized as a sequel in “strongest jump”.



The hero, who was born and raised in a village on a small island in Japan, went to Italy with the aim of becoming a strong soccer player after being selected as a U- -18 national team member. This manga is a story that the main character Teppei develops mentally while learning the importance of team play.

“Fantasista” means a soccer player who uses his/her superior skills to play unexpected games. There are many exciting plays in this manga.
Not only that, but also the formation, strategy, theory, etc. It is an orthodox soccer comic.

As a sequel to ‘Fantasista’, ‘Fantasista Stella’ which consists of 14 volumes is now on sale! The series is more powerful than the previous series because Keisuke Honda of the Japan national soccer team cooperates with the original based on his own experience. Keisuke Honda appears under his real name in the sequel, ‘Fantasista Stella’.

Giant Killing

Giant killing means that a weak person wins against a strong person unexpectedly (upset and big eater). It’s ” gekokujyo” in Japanese. As the strategy of the weak defeats the strong, we often hear this word when a lower rank team or a player wins over a superior opponent in a sporting event or a match. This manga is about how this team will beat a strong team with the manager’s strategy.

The characters are full of individuality. The players, the manager, the front desk, the supporters and many others are involved in various situations. In this manga, the feelings that occur in various incidents are expressed in detail.

While most soccer comics focus on players, ”Giant Killing” focuses on the head coach. As this manga futures the head coach who manages the team, anyone can enjoy reading “Giant Killing” in addition to who play soccer. This cartoon is featured in a business book that takes up the idea of “how a leader should be”.

Giant killing is a popular manga that has been serialized in the comic book “Morning” since 2007. “Giant killing” is commonly called “Jaikiri” in Japan. In 2010, the anime was also broadcast on TV.

The “This manga is amazing!” which is announced every year by Takarajimasha publishing company. This is the rank elected by manga lovers. GIANT KILLING was ranked 6th in 2008 and 3rd in 2009, 2 years in a row.


“Shoot” is a soccer comic with a special technique shot like Captain Tsubasa.
One of the rarest things about this manga compared to soccer manga is that popular soccer genius Kubo Yoshiharu dies.
But that added depth to the story.

Manga Airtist: Takeshi Oshima
Publisher: Kodansha
Sales Date: 2012 -09 -28