5 Magical daily goods from Japan

“Koro Koro” for carpet cleaner

This is an amazing roller-shaped carpet cleaner made of sticky paper. You can use it for wooden floor as well. we Japanese never fail to have one at home!

“Koro Koro” is a mimic that expresses the sound of something rolling in Japanese. It sounds pleasant and light.

When you pick it up and roll it on the floor, the sticky roll of paper removes dust, hair on the floor by having them stick to the paper.

If you can’t use it anymore because of the surface with full of dust, all you have to is just peel off a sticky paper from the roll.

Then new sticky sheet appears one after another and can be used again.”

Isn’ it like a magic!?

You can get it at a drug store, a supermarket, or a 100yen-shop.


Thermal cooling sheet is called “Netsusama Sheet” in Japan. It’s a sheet to cool down your fever. It’s easy to use. All you have to do is just take one sheet out of the box, peel the thin sheet and put it on the forehead. You can apply it to your side and neck as well as to your forehead. There is a box for adults, children, and babies and they are adjusted the ingredients to be blended.This time, how the cooling sheet works, principles and choices.

The cooling gel sheet is designed to absorb heat from the part of the gel where the sheet is attached when the gel evaporates.This mechanism is also known as the principle of vaporization. However, as the water in the gel sheet evaporates gradually, the cooling effect is eliminated when the water contained in the gel is removed.

It’s so handy when you have a fever that every family in Japan has at least one box of them. Especially if you have any children, it is an essential item in your first aid kit.

Cooling effect keeps for 8 hours.The size of the sheet is 50 x 130 mm for adults, and it comes with 12 sheets. Cooling it in the fridge increases the cooling effect.The sheet are weak acidic, gentle to your skin who worry about rash.

You can buy one box for about 400yen at the drug store or convenience store.


If you leave the iron wet, it usually gets rusty, but this is a chemical reaction in which iron reacts to oxygen in the air to become iron oxide (secondary hydroxide).
A disposable body warmer effectively utilizes the heat generated when a chemical reaction occurs.

All you have to do is take it out of the bag and peel the thin paper. You can put it in your pocket or you can put it on your clothes if it is a type with sticky paper.

Only thing you have to be careful is low-temperature burn. A low-temperature burn is what causes symptoms such as erythema, blisters when a person at a temperature higher than the body temperature has been exposed for a long time. Low-temperature burn can damage deep parts of the skin, even though they are not so much on the surface of the skin. Since the heat applied to the skin is carried by the blood flow, pressing against the area where the body warmer is applied reduces the blood flow and increases the temperature and makes it easier to cause burn.

So do not apply it directly on your skin or do not apply it for a long time.

There is a Hokkairo for socks or creamy type to apply directly to the skin.