What is “Natto” for Japanese people?

“Natto” is a fermented food made from soybeans. It was a custom to eat “Natto” at breakfast for a long time in Japan, Cooked rice, miso soup, a slice of grilled salmon, sea weed, Japanese omelet, and natto were common breakfast foods in Japan. But these days, there are many people who eat only bread or cereals for breakfast like in the West, even some people who don’t eat breakfast.

What kind of “Natto” we have?

There are various types of natto in Japan, such as large, small, ground, yellow, blue, black, red and brown.

This is the largest size.

This is a very small size of soy beans.

This is called “Hikiwari Natto”or ground natto. It’s made like this because it’s cut into small before it’s fermented.

This is natto made from black soybeans. This “Kuromame Natto” is more expensive than the one made from regular soybeans. Black beans from Tanba region are especially delicious and expensive.

Don’t you like it?

The Japanese love natto, but for foreigners, its strong smell and sticky style seem to keep them away from eating it. .

Even if you are one of them, you have a chance to eat it. Sushi rolls called “Natto maki” is relatively odorless and not sticky. You don’t have to go all the way to a sushi restaurant. You can buy it at a convenience store and try it.

Where you can buy “Natto?

When you go to Japan, you will definitely find natto no matter which supermarket you go. It is usually sold 3 packs in a bundle together. It used to be sold in wrapped with straw, but now it is often put in white Styrofoam containers. The price is generally around 100 yen for 3 packs.

What is “Natto” eaten with?

There are many people who put green onion in it probably because the smell of natto lessens if you add finely chopped green onion.

Most natto packs sold at supermarkets come with this mustard and soy sauce sauce in a small pack.

Since okra is highly nutritious and has the same stickiness as natto, some people eat it with natto.

Katsuobushi is smoked and thinly- sliced bonito. This is used to add richness and the flavor when making soup such as miso soup. That’s because bonito flakes contain a lot of Umami. If you add bonito flakes to it, natto will taste better.